The Detox Tao de Daniel Reid

Go back to the simplicity of eating. Eat with humanity, with gratitude and respect. Try to eat with the awareness that you are taking in life to continue living. Reestablish a connection with the food you are eating. See what foods catch your eye and then come into contact with them. Observe them, touch them, […]

Tips for better sleep

Sleep deprivation and insomnia negatively affect the immune system decreasing the activity of T NK cells (natural killers) by 30%. These NK T cells are responsible for destroying cancer or infected cells in our body and its existence is limited. According to various studies, deprivation of sleep and insomnia double the risk of obesity and […]

General nutrition tips

Eating is not a science; it is a relationship with nature. feeding healthy manifests spontaneously when the mind, body and nature they are connected, communicating and co-creating the next moment.

Benefits of exercise:

Benefits of exercise: Lack of physical activity is responsible for one in ten deaths worldwide. world. Lack of physical exercise kills as much as smoking or obesity, according to a study published by the British journal The Lancet in July 2012. THE WONDERS OF EXERCISE: MOVEMENT IS LIFE “You can’t talk about health without physical […]

Nathan Daley, MD, MPH

“Diet and nutrition are the main pillars that form the basis of health human life and longevity, so the essential elements for life that provide the food cannot be reproduced or replaced by no form of modern technology “