Includes per week:

  • 3 meals per night of stay.
  • Participation in our daily fitness activities: Pilates Acuafit or Yoga based on schedule
  • Complimentary use of our Fitness Center and Water Therapy Suites, which include ionized tempered natural pool, cold plunge and jacuzzi.
  • Transportation to/from International Juan Santamaria Airport
  • 1 Reiki session
  • 1 Royal Chill CBD massage
  • 1 Floral remedy session
  • 1 Breathing session (pranayama) + 2 meditation sessions
  • 1 Watsu session
  • 1 Crystal Healing infused essential oil Massage
  • 1 Flotation session
  • 1 Sauna sessions and rest
  • 1 Hammam session (turkish bath) + Vichy Shower
  • 1 Tranquillity pro-sleep massage


Stress is described as the “fight’ or “flight’ response: the body prepares for running or fighting. and the muscles, heart, lungs and brain gear up for action. Breathing is quicker, heartbeat gets faster, and blood pressure goes up. Stress is a normal part Df everyday life. It may be caused by work, relationships, surroundings (such as noise. bad housing, and traffic) or other factors. Some stress can be good for us, if we have the capacity to deal with it ePectively. Stress can help us to grow A little stress can give you energy and keep your mind alert. It keeps you ‘alive”

Notwithstanding too much stress for too long is highly destructive and can tead to mental and physical exhaustion and illness. Many studies have shown that stress depresses our immune systems and shortens our life span. Stress clearly ages people before their time. Symptoms of stress may include aching and tense muscles, lack of concentration, insomnia. tiredness, diarrhea, constipation, colitis, ulcers, asthma, migraines, skin problems, frequent cold , anxiety, fear. depression, anger, changes in libido, impatience. Smoking, and drinking more, and never finishing anything are all signs of too much stress having gone on too long. Thus stress disturbsthenaturafequilibrium. Ourprogramofnaturaltreatments, supported by physical activity, meditation and a correct way of eating, aims at a total recovery of the psychophysicalequilibrium.

Rates per person

Green season (apr 21 – dec 23)

Green Season Single occupancy $2,427 + 13% Vat
Green Season Double occupancy $1,789 + 13% Vat

High season (dec 24 – apr 20)

High Season Single occupancy $2,795 + 13% Vat
High Season Double occupancy $2,030 + 13% Vat