Includes per week:

  • 3 meals per night of stay.
  • Participation in our daily fitness activities: Pilates Acuafit or Yoga based on schedule
  • Complimentary use of our Fitness Center and Water Therapy Suites, which include ionized tempered natural pool, cold plunge and jacuzzi.
  • Transportation to/from International Juan Santamaria Airport

3 Personal training sessions + personalized fitness program
1 Lymphatic massage
3 Scottish showers
1 Hammam session + body wrap
1 Vichy Shower
2 Sauna sessions with rest
1 Deep tissue massage
1 Nutritional consultation


This program is dedicated to all of those whom would like to improve their physical wellbeing by correcting body weight, reducing fat tissue, reducing and/or eliminating cellulite and improving physical body form and fitness. People who are at least 20 percent overweight are generally considered to be obese.
Occasionally, obesity may be caused by a physical disorder, such as a hormonal imbalance, but the vast majority of those who are overweight are that way because they eat too much of the wrong food, or eat too much in general or exercise too little. Obesity can lead to a variety of diseases. Obesity can lead to unhappiness.
Fitness therapies and personalized training associated to “pleasant diet tips” offer the opportunity to restore the body’s equilibrium.

Rates per person

Green season (apr 21 – dec 23)

Green Season Single occupancy $2,427 + 13% Vat
Green Season Double occupancy $1,789 + 13% Vat

High season (dec 24 – apr 20)

High Season Single occupancy $2,795 + 13% Vat
High Season Double occupancy $2,030 + 13% Vat