The ambient temperature at Asclepios is almost ideal. The year round
temperature is 70 to 80 degrees and moderate to high humidity during
the day with mild nights. Thus, none of our rooms or facilities has air

The meals at Asclepios are largerly vegetarian but depending on the
program chosen either fish or chicken is served.

The closest beaches to Asclepios are about one and a half hour away
on the Pacific Coast.

No, we don’t have a lot of bugs at Asclepios, notwithstanding being in
the tropics.

Yes, we accept US dollars, traveler’s checks and Visa, American
Express or MasterCard at Asclepios.

One of the lovely aspects of a stay at Asclepios is that single guests
always feel very comfortable. Some guests come alone because they
prefer to spend time by themselves; others will find there is so much to
do and it’s so easy to meet other guests that they have friends from the
first day.

One of the purposes of a stay at Asclepios is to take you outside of your
normal environment so that we can work on improving your health and
wellness. Whilst we don't expect you to 'switch off' we would like you to
concentrate on yourself rather than on other activities. Facilities for
staying in touch are limited but it is possible if you really want to! At the
Ondine Terrace we have free broadband Internet access. The idea is
that you keep in touch with family and friends, not your work colleagues!

Asclepios has been designed for those who are ready to relax from the
hustle and bustle of life and to enjoy massages, biogenic food, holistic
treatments and fitness activities. We believe that those between their
late teens and their late eighties are most suited to enjoy this. Whilst we
do not impose an upper age limit we do restrict our younger guests to
those of 14 years or less.

There are quite a few tourist attractions around Asclepios: Poas
Volcano, La Paz Waterfall Garden, Orquid or Butterfly Farm, Canopy
Tour at Colinas del Poas, Bird and Animal Zoo. We can also organise
for you a City Tour of San Jose or a Food Tour.