Consejos generales sobre nutrición
"Comer no es una ciencia; es una relación con la naturaleza. La alimentación
saludable se manifiesta espontáneamente cuando la mente, el cuerpo y la naturaleza
están conectados, comunicándose y co-creando el siguiente momento".

Tips for better sleep

Sleep deprivation and insomnia negatively affect the immune system decreasing the activity of T NK cells (natural killers) by 30%. These NK T cells are

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General nutrition tips

Eating is not a science; it is a relationship with nature. feeding healthy manifests spontaneously when the mind, body and nature they are connected, communicating

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Benefits of exercise:

Benefits of exercise: Lack of physical activity is responsible for one in ten deaths worldwide. world. Lack of physical exercise kills as much as smoking

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Nathan Daley, MD, MPH

“Diet and nutrition are the main pillars that form the basis of health human life and longevity, so the essential elements for life that provide

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